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Beautiful Ben’s Got a Girlfriend

Beautiful Ben’s Got a Girlfriend


Or so I thought.

“Hi! My name’s Mira, his name’s Ben.” said the stunning little porcelain goldielocks with a painted face. I initially looked at them and thought home boy’s got a girlfriend. But then I smiled at him and when she walked away, he started doing his version of the chicken dance – showing off his studly head-butting skills with his balloon. He sat on the chair beside me too, before…

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Blue is the Warmest Colour

You don’t need to be a lesbian to appreciate this film. It has a transcultural theme: differences versus similarities.

Feeling Rainy Milo

I’ve written about this 17-year-old girl on this blog and in this publication before. She’s quietly turning into one of those silent killers who’s blossoming into a bonafide superstar.